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One day I'm going to sit down and privatize almost all my entries.... and begin again. I don't quite believe in erasing that past because I've been on livejournal over ten years and there are some pretty astounding stories out there about what's happened in my life but ...

It's time. Things are Changing now in a way I didn't think I was capable of seeing through before.

These are the good years, oh the best we'll ever know.
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Good bye Little One, my handsome Prince. You were so good to us. I'm so sorry I could not save you from the cancer that ate away at your little body but I loved you intensely and with great love and I know others did too.

Saffron July 1996 - November 2010

You will live forever in our hearts.
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Contrary to popular belief I'm not dead.

I am terribly busy.

I am constantly on the go.

I am a bit drained and having a lot of issues to deal with both physically and mentally.

But life is not bad at all and I'm not going to complain.

I am going to see Toad the Wet Sprocket tomorrow night with two of my bestest mates in the whole wide world and life could be so much worse than that.
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Inspired by my friend Raine and my incessant need to get the hell out, I've been driving and listening to good music.

THIS needs to be shared as the best driving song ever in the world ever. Jez is also dreamy in real life. Just need to share that.
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This journal has gone 100% friends only. I am not adverse to making new friends, but I write very personally and this has apparently caused some issues. Feel free to comment to be added.


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